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Animal Models

Arrhythmia Model A limitation of the ICH-S7B guideline is that it specifically addresses repolarization delay with its well-known limitations to predict proarrhythmia risk and TdP. As a result of growing evidence against the use of QT interval as the primary endpoint...

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Tissue-Based Assays- Purkinje fiber

Purkinje fiber assayIt is well appreciated that acquired or drug induced-torsade de pointes (TdP), is associated with the generation of long action potential duration (APD)-related early after depolarizations (EADs) and EAD-induced triggered activity. EADs, occurring...

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Ion channel and contractility assays

hERG is only really the beginning…CiPA is coming Current practice in cardiac safety pharmacology has been successful in preventing proarrhythmia- related post approval drug withdrawal. However, many challenges remain in the assessment of cardiac effects of new drugs....

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