An Integrative Approach

To Drug Discovery and Safety
Preclinical Services
Preclinical Services
Preclinical Services
Preclinical Services


Ion channel and contractility assays.


In vitro functional assays of proarrhythmia (e.g. Purkinje fiber)


Arrhythmia models and assessments of cardiac function.


We publish peer reviewed articles and present our data (posters, oral presentations) at conferences on a regular basis on the topics of ion channels, cardiac safety and drug discovery.

Our Location

Located in the beautiful campus at the University of British Columbia in the Life Sciences building.  One of the best locations in Canada.

Reach Out

Contacting us is easy.  You can find our email and phone number in the top left of our website or you can fill out our contact form on our About page.


IonsGate Preclinical consulting services include, but are not limited to: Experimental design, Data Interpretation, Guidance for the next step in the drug discovery process, and Preclinical model development (in vitro and in vivo)

Characterize your proprietary compounds with IonsGate, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in preclinical research services focused on safety pharmacology, drug discovery and ion channel research.

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